5 Methods of Managing Receivables to Avoid Financial Strain

A scarce cash flow is one of the biggest financial threat any business can face, especially small businesses that are still trying to grow and develop to claim their place in the market. One key step towards removing financial strain from your business is learning how to deal with managing receivables, and the details surrounding this responsibility. Review the following 5 tips to find out how to deal with this part of your business operations:


The Value of Electronics


While snail mail has always posed the problem of delayed and late payments, submitting payments electronically remedies this issue. When using electronic payments, customers can submit their cash at a moment’s notice without worry that it’ll be late. This also gets the cash into your hands sooner, so you can focus on building your business more.


Payment Terms


When you transfer to an electronic payment method, you can actually reduce the payment terms regarding your receivables as well. Because emails and other electronic payment methods are more immediate, you no longer need to wait a month or longer for the cash your business needs to keep moving forward.


Promote a Healthy Business Relationship


Keeping your customers happy is a must if you want to run a business, and even more important if you want to receive your payments on time. If your customers are happy with your product or service, the odds are that they’re going to pay their debts sooner so they can continue to enjoy your business’s operations.


Payment Options


Expand your payment options to make paying back debts easier for your customers. While many might still prefer the old-fashioned ways, there are those who are more interested in sending payments via PayPal and other electronic sources. This increases the likelihood of being paid on time, because customers feel free to approach the situation from different angles and decide what works best for them.


Hiring an Accounting Company


Managing receivables is a time-consuming task that takes up a good deal of your time. Consider hiring an accounting company for this job so you can spend your time worrying about other aspects of operations. Thee parties are also more likely to interpret data correctly, meaning you don’t need to worry about mistakes and other inconvenient experiences that could really mess up your books.


These are all great ways to begin managing receivables in a more efficient manner. By getting this information and your management practices in order, you can begin to remove some of the financial strain from your business.

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